Chamber Health Insurance Questionnaires Released - Deadline Sept. 22nd

By Hays Chamber on September 2, 2020

Dear valued member investors,

As you are aware, The Chamber has been working tirelessly to bring you an affordable, sustainable, and locally managed health insurance program. The goal of this effort is to offer an opportunity to come together as a community to break the trend of the traditional health/dental/vision insurance crisis that we have all experienced. We want to help our local businesses/economy thrive and have the ability to offer quality benefits at a reasonable price to their employees for years to come. 


Also, please remember that by participating in the initial steps of this process, you nor your employees are obligated to this program until the final stages of enrollment. 


With that being said, we are proud to be able to offer you the next step in the process. 


Now is the time to have all of your full time, 30+ hours per week, employees complete a health questionnaire. This will allow us to provide the most accurate data to our partners who are facilitating this process, which will help us obtain the most accurate/competitive prices possible. 


Please disperse this link to all of your eligible employees to complete in full. Also, please know that this link is 100% secure and encrypted. Once all required items are completed, it will allow a successful submission directly to our plan administrator. This form can be completed on any device that has an internet connection. 


Should a business/employee decide NOT to complete the health questionnaire, they will not be able to join the program unless they have a qualified life event, until they renew at a later time during the chamber health plan year, or until the chamber health plan open enrollment. 

Health Questionnaire Link - Deadline September 22nd

Anticipated timeline moving forward: 

9/1 - 9/22 : Health questionnaire period.

9/23 - 10/14 : Underwriting period.

10/15 - 10/29 : Enrollment period.

10/30 - 11/11 : Enrollment review.

11/12 - 11/19 : Confirm enrollment.

11/23 - 12/7 : Admin to prepare packages and send to participating members.

1/1/2021 : PLAN START DATE

We have once again included the plan brochure and the FAQ page for your review. Please feel free to pass these along to your employees as well. 

If you have any questions at all, we encourage you to contact our plan advisor with the information below. 

Joshua Sapp, President/CEO

Heartland Benefits Group, LLC